6,000. Thank you!

Thank you continuing to visit Fat Dad Fit Dad! I just hit the 6,000 visit mark! In less than a year, this has surpassed anything I ever thought was possible.

Folks from all over the world have visited, read, and commented. I truly appreciate this!

Oh, and I’ve kept the 20 pounds off!


Vending Machines by Jim Johnson


I’ve observed several people walk up to the snack vending machine during my lunch time today.

If you have to stand there deciding what to eat and it takes more than 3 minutes, THE ANSWER IS NO! Just walk away. Bring carrots tomorrow.

Oh, I brought a fresh salad I made for lunch today. Made my wife one, too.

Now, to eat my apple.

Make One Change Today by Jim Johnson


Ok, if you or a friend is starting ReFit 42, today is day #1. The last day will be September 23. Here’s a hint: don’t worry about Sept. 23 right now. Focus on today.

Today, make one positive change to encourage yourself to move in the right direction:

* Eat a healthy breakfast instead of heading to the local fast food drive-thru
* Pack your lunch (you’ll save money and eat better)
* Go for a walk today (I just got back from a 2.24 mile walk with the big dog)

There are a lot of positive things you to do today to begin a new you. You don’t have to do them all today.

Pick one.

Make one change today. Prove to yourself you can and will change. Find a notebook, and write down this one thing you are changing today. Date that entry. Read it tomorrow. Build on it tomorrow.

Review yesterday’s post. You can do this!

It will work if you work it!

Kathie Lapcevic lost 108 Pounds – “I Still Can’t Believe That’s ME in the Mirror” from Diets in Review


Kathie Lapcevic looks in the mirror and still has trouble believing that the person looking back at her, is half her previous size. In 18 months, Kathie has shed 108 pounds and she’s currently no more than a side salad and a jog around the block from her goal weight. As a writer and teacher with a passion for gardening, canning and other do-it-yourself endeavours, Kathie was not a stranger to discipline or hard work, except when it came to her own health. “I was overweight my entire life,” she said. “The girl who got made fun of, the girl who always wanted to figure out a better way but didn’t know how to begin.”

Recently Kathie spoke to us about her weight loss journey, future goals and where she finally got the determination to lose the weight.

Read more at http://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/08/kathie-lapcevic-lost-108-pounds-i-still-cant-believe-thats-me-in-the-mirror/#qme7De7QkXrb0Ljf.99

World’s Fastest Growing Fitness Chain by Brandon Southward


Anytime Fitness lacks many of the traditional trappings of your local gym, and yet it is growing by leaps and bounds. A look at its recipe for success.

Step inside an Anytime Fitness gym and you’ll likely notice more of what it lacks than what is there. No massive machinery, mobs of people, or grunting bodybuilders trying to outdo one another.

You’ll also take note of the club’s particularly small size — only 4,000-6,000 square feet, nearly eight times smaller than full-service gyms like Equinox. It’s clean and tidy, and there are no employees shoving papers in your face convincing you to sign up for the gym’s new weight loss plan, “how to lose 50 pounds in five days.”

There is none of that in this decidedly unintimidating environment, and that’s exactly how Anytime Fitness CEO Chuck Runyon wants it. “We are Cheers without the beers.”

Cheers, of course, the place where everybody knows your name. But this spot doesn’t have any Sam-and-Diane-relationship-tensions, and Norm or Cliff won’t be dropping by anytime soon.

It’s that vibe that has helped make Anytime Fitness the fastest growing fitness club in the world, according to a report released this year by The International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association, a title the company has held for the last six years. In 11 years, the Minneapolis-based chain has expanded to more than 2,200 clubs worldwide, in all 50 U.S. states and 14 countries. By comparison, it took Subway 23 years to reach 2,000 restaurants and McDonald’s (MCD) 32 years to reach 2,000 restaurants.

Read more here: http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2013/07/31/anytime-fitness/