Portion Control – it’s worth a 2nd look


This works. I’ve lost nearly 20 lbs in less than 90 days doing this.

Planning/goal setting: I use My Fitness Pal (on my iPhone & iPad Mini). Everyday, every meal.

Exercise: I go to Planet Fitness. Three to four days a week. 60 minutes (minimum) each time. About 60% cardio + 40% strength training. Early morning has worked for me.

Healthy eating: lots of fresh veggies (raw & steamed), fresh fruit (no canned), chicken, fresh fish, eggs, quinoa. Healthy snacks: raw nuts, beef jerky, low fat cheese stick.

Portion control: no, I have not starved. I can eat far less than I thought. Load up on veggies. Cut back on breads. Use My Fitness Pal to determine meat portion size.

Back Ache

It’s been a slow week workout-wise. My back has been hurting for over 2 months now. I ended up at my doctor’s office. It seems my new office chair is the culprit. I’m test driving a new chair and I’m using a foot riser. Both have really helped – no back pain while st my desk.

My doctor told me to slow it down this week. He really discouraged me from working out – I listened to him. I’ve missed it.

But the meds he gave me and the slower pace this week seemed to have helped. I’m going back to the gym today. Probably will focus mainly on cardio and avoid the ab room (something that my doc thought was causing me more back pain) until next week.

My weight seems to have stayed even this week. I had 3 lunch appointments this past week. I did well in making good choices, but missing the exercise seems to have slowed up my weight loss.

I’m not discouraged. I’ll get at my routine next week.

Jim Gym Time

I just finished 3 days (since Saturday) of working out at Planet Fitness (SW Fort Wayne). After meeting with the trainer, here’s what I do (I know, it’s a review from an earlier post):

* 5 minute cardio warm-up on an elliptical trainer
* 12 minute abs room – circuit trainers focused on abs and stretching
* 15 minutes strength training – since I haven’t been to a gym in years, the trainer only wants me to focus on 3 upper body machines. My legs are in pretty good shape. So I’m working on biceps, triceps, shoulders/back
* 30 minutes of cardio – split between the elliptical and treadmill

I get up early to do this in the morning (5 am). I hit the gym by 5:30 am at the latest. So far, I’m enjoying the investment.

Now to go get some Fage 0% Greek yogurt for breakfast and drink a lot more water.

Have a good day! If you’re on your own fitness journey, good for you! Stick with it!

It works if you work it!

Stats for January 28, 2013

Weight = 211.8 (14.2 lb loss since Dec 3!)
BP = 129/78

I just finished my second day at Planet Fitness. I met with the trainer to get set up with a routine that targets areas that need my focus – abs and upper body.

I woke up at 4 am excited to hit the gym. Fortunately I fell back asleep until the alarm went off at 5.