Fast Food vs. Vi Shake

Fast food vs Vi Shake illustration


I know. I’ve been there.  Fast food is easy.  It can be tasty.  But it is so bad for us.

Take a good look at the chart above.  If you’re averaging 5 fast food meals/day (some folks do more than this), you’re not only eating a lot of food that’s bad for you, you’re spending a lot of money doing it!  If you drink 2 shakes/day (like I am right now), you’ll save even more money on your food budget!

But, if you want to take control of your health, a great starting place is to replace those fast food meals with a nutrient-rich Vi Shake.  In the chart above, I used the calorie count of the Vi Shape Shake – the one I’m drinking now.  It keeps my carbs low.  It tastes great.

If you want to change your tomorrow, you need to begin today.

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Super Bowl Party Navigation

Ok, so you’re going to a party later today. You know there will be mountains of junk food. Do you ignore your healthy eating lifestyle and pig out?

You could. No, you really could. But if you’re like me, you’ll feel lousy later. I’m not talking about guilt. I’m talking about the affects of food you normally don’t eat but now are sucking up like a Hoover or high-powered Dyson.

So what do you do? 

Go to the party. Find the healthy alternatives – they’ll be there. And if you want to cheat, do it. You’ll not die.

I do this:  keep the end in mind. If I cheat big, I’ll have more work to do later. Also, my goals reach far beyond 1 party. I know where I need to be (where I want to be). 

Today, I had a Vi shake ( for breakfast. I’m having another for lunch. I’ll eat at the party. I may even have a piece of pizza. No guilt. No condemning others. I’ll enjoy myself.

It’s not about the food.

It’s about getting and staying healthy.  It’s about reaching my fitness goals.  It’s about overcoming diabetes. It’s about living better.

Have fun today.