The Next Chapter by Jim Johnson

Since December 28th, 2015, I have changed the way I’ve been cooking and eating. I’ve been working hard at controlling the carbohydrate intake every day (I am averaging less than 100 grams each day). I’ve been concentrating most of my recipes on an LCHF diet plan. I’ve been using web sites such as, that have helped me a lot.

I have logged every meal into #MyFitnessPal app. I wear a #Fitbit and it automatically registers the steps into #MyFitnessPal as long as I keep Bluetooth enabled on my phone. I’ve started working out again which I log into my #FitnessPal.

My results?  I’ve lost 14 pounds. My blood pressure is the lowest it’s ever been. Yes, I’m on a BP medication but will be going off it soon.

I have osteoarthritis in my knee and hip. My knee pain has all but gone away. My hip still hurts at times, but it has in the winter.  But I’m encouraged all the same.

My blood sugar readings during the day are now within the normal range according to the American Diabetes Association scale. While I am on medication, my goal is to get off of it.

TODAY, I start a new plan.  I’ll be drinking this for breakfast and dinner.


UPDATE: It tastes GREAT! Thick shake. I used a blender to mix it well. I really like it! My 10 year old son tasted it and gave it a thumbs up!

I’ll eat a normal lunch (still watching the carbs!)  My new goal is to drop another 10 pounds.

My challenge to YOU is coming very soon. Be watching for it.

I’ll record my new progress as I start tis new chapter. Be watching for that, too. 

If you’re interested in this shake now, visit to order some. You’ll see some great transformations there, too. 

Coming Soon!


Coming soon:

☆ A new challenge for me and YOU!

☆ The forming of a new local, encouragement  group for your fitness journey!

☆ New tools to help me and you get and stay healthier! 

☆ What I’ll be sharing is for folks seeking better health – no matter where you live. Fort Wayne, any State, anywhere in the world.

Stayed tuned to this blog to find out when this all begins.

I’m on my journey towards fitness to succeed. I want you help you suceed, too.  We can do this TOGETHER.


My Personal Weight Loss by Jim Johnson

The day (Dec. 28) I learned I had Type 2 diabetes,  I weighed 215 pounds.

Today, Feb. 1, I weigh 201 pounds.

How did I do it?

▪ low cab/high fat (good fat) dietary changes in my meals. has been a very helpful recipe resource. 
▪ I focused more on avoiding sugar/carbs than I did counting calories
▪ I use #MyFitnessPal everyday to log every meal, exercise, #Fitbit step, water consumption
▪ I’m exercising more
▪ when I snack, it’s usually nuts
▪ I have had a cheat meal once a week
▪ I don’t feel like I’m starving
▪ others are encouraging me

I’m not special or especially strong.  I’m focused. I want to keep diabetes at bay or beat it.

I’m more than willing to share my specifics. Reach out. Comment here.

I’m also planning to start another step in my fitness goal.  I’ll be sharing that soon. I still need to lose another 10+ pounds.