ReFit 42

What started as a science fair project, has become something far more important to me. I lost 20 pounds and dropped a pants’ size. My blood pressure has normalized. I feel better.

Am I a body builder? Do I run 5k’s or mini-marathons? No. That was never my goal.

My goal has been to become more fit. Choosing more healthy foods over fast food. Using portion control when I eat. Exercising more consistently.

I’ve had my ups and my downs. There are weeks I do really well, and there are weeks that I don’t. But overall, my lifestyle has changed.

Check out the posts on ReFit 42 and use it to begin your life’s do-over. If your goal is to lose weight, feel better, and become more active, this is a great place to start. This is no diet plan. There are no promises of hard beach bodies here.

But I will promise that you will like what will begin to happen in your body as you begin the make lifestyle changes. It works if you work it!

Jim J

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