Why Most People Will Never Reach Their Goals! by Ken Burgess


It’s sad but true that many people are failing in reaching their goals!

Even though they sit down and ask themselves what they really want in life, write it down, break their goals into small action steps and take action – they won’t achieve most of their goals.
Do you know why they’ll fail? No?
It’s because they forgot to identify the *Benefits* they will gain by reaching their goals!

What does that mean? Let me give you a simple example…

What happens when someone offers you a product? When are you going to buy it? Are you interested in the features of that product?

No, not at all! What you are interested in and influences you in whether or not you are going to buy is to know the *benefits* of this particular product.
You want to know “what is in it for me?” And the same happens to you when you set up your goals. You will not be committed to your goals one hundred percent if you are not clear on the benefits you will gain by reaching them.

When you are not sure of the benefits it’s very difficult to maintain the necessary persistence, dedication and enthusiasm!

So, you always have to ask yourself *why* you want to achieve a particular goal. If you are clear on the benefits, you are willing to pay the price. Instead of setting up a goal like “I want to have a successful business,” and then just taking action, you have to identify the benefits.

-Imagine how it will feel like to have a successful business
-Imagine how your family and friends will admire you
-Imagine how you make smart investments
-Imagine taking that long vacation you always wanted

By doing so you will have the necessary momentum that keeps you right on track until your goal is reached. The only difference between those who make it and those who don’t is desire. And benefits and rewards create this desire! Now you have the chance to belong to those who *make it.*


What Motivates You To Succeed? 2 Significant Factors For Success

by Anil Mer­chant

I’m in a cross­fit gym, absolute­ly drenched in sweat and gasp­ing for air, with a train­er breath­ing down my neck yelling at me to push hard­er. Oth­ers around me have already given up, with just a few remain­ing sur­vivors. At this point, I have two options:

1) I drop what I’m doing and tell the train­er: “The heck with this! I’m pay­ing you, I’ll go at my own pace!”

2) I suck it up, some­how muster up some more ener­gy, give it all I got and push hard­er.

I chose option two.

Why did I choose option two? My body was telling me oth­er­wise. My mind was telling me oth­er­wise. All nat­ur­al rea­son­ing point­ed to giv­ing it a rest. Yet I chose to con­tin­ue on. Why? What is it that moti­vates peo­ple to go above and beyond. Why is it that, given a group of say 10 peo­ple of sim­i­lar abil­i­ty, one per­son will come out on top? In short, what is it that moti­vates peo­ple to suc­ceed?

I’ve ana­lyzed the above moment over and over again and have extract­ed two con­cepts that drive me. Two con­cepts that moti­vate me to suc­ceed in all areas, whether it be phys­i­cal fit­ness or my career. And while I cer­tain­ly can’t speak for every­one, I’d like to share these two ideas here. So, with­out fur­ther ado:

1) Com­pet­i­tive­ness – the desire to come out on top

In the above exam­ple, there were a group of 15 of us in that par­tic­u­lar cross­fit ses­sion. Although this wasn’t a direct com­pe­ti­tion, it was clear in each per­son’s eyes that every man or woman want­ed to last longer than the other. I want­ed to win and this desire alone allowed me to mask out all other feel­ings and con­tin­ue going. It is sim­ply the com­pet­i­tive nature of Human Beings. How­ev­er, some are more com­pet­i­tive than oth­ers and strive hard­er to prove so. Larry Elli­son, when dis­cussing yacht rac­ing, once said: “I’m addict­ed to win­ning. The more you win, the more you want to win.” And this seems to be a shared tes­ta­ment amongst all those who are most suc­cess­ful at what­ev­er it is they may do. It is well known that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were incred­i­bly com­pet­i­tive and drove each other to inno­vate and suc­ceed. Like­wise, sev­er­al mem­bers of the Forbes ‘World’s Bil­lion­aires list’ have stat­ed repeat­ed­ly that they strong­ly desire to con­tin­ue to move up the rank­ings and will con­tin­ue to pur­sue the top spot for as long as they are able. These peo­ple have more money than most peo­ple can ever fath­om, yet are dri­ven by just the hand­ful of peo­ple that are finan­cial­ly ahead of them. Com­pe­ti­tion from oth­ers is a great force in moti­vat­ing peo­ple to push hard­er to suc­ceed.

2) Know­ing deep down that this is for my own ben­e­fit

This one may be a bit more per­son­al. Let me again ref­er­ence the above exam­ple. When given the choice whether to stop or con­tin­ue, I had a split sec­ond to make my deci­sion. I’ve real­ized that with­in that short peri­od of time, I remind­ed myself that I was in fact doing this for my own good. The hard­er I train (with­out push­ing myself to injury of course), the more I ben­e­fit. Sure, I had already com­plet­ed a vig­or­ous work­out and could’ve eas­i­ly stopped at that point, but I had one final push in me and I knew that by choos­ing to con­tin­ue, I would reap the ben­e­fits. Con­stant­ly remind­ing myself that the hard­er I train, the hard­er I work, and the hard­er I try will ben­e­fit me in the long run, moti­vates me to keep going until I’m able to attain the level of suc­cess I desire.

Moti­va­tion, it’s a curi­ous thing. I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly believe that the above two items are uni­ver­sal moti­vat­ing fac­tors for all peo­ple, but I do know that they drive me to reach lev­els I once deemed impos­si­ble and I strong­ly believe that each and every per­son has his or her own moti­vat­ing forces some­where with­in them­selves.

What moti­vates you to suc­ceed?

Anil Mer­chant is a Soft­ware Engi­neer by day and founder at Ent­fu­sion by night, where he also main­tains a per­son­al blog Ent­fu­sion is a social plat­form aimed to help con­nect cus­tomers search­ing for enter­tain­ment ven­dors and vice-versa. In his spare time, he enjoys stay­ing active through weight-lifting and box­ing. Con­nect with Anil on Twit­ter!

Wellness Programs

By News Reports
January 31, 2013

More American workers recognize the rewards of participating in workplace wellness programs, according to the latest survey from Principal Financial. Sixty-two percent of workers, up from 55% in 2011, believe workplace wellness activities are successful in improving health and reducing health risks.

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By taking advantage of workplace wellness offerings, American employees are approaching their work with more energy and motivation. Fifty-one percent of respondents feel wellness benefits encourage them to work harder and perform better, and another 59% of program participants say they have more energy to be productive at work as a result of their participation in employer-sponsored wellness programs.

“As wellness programs become more established in the workplace, we are seeing a growing number of employees appreciate – and expect – that their employer offers these benefits,” says Lee Dukes, president of Principal Wellness Company, a subsidiary of the Principal Financial Group. “In the wake of the financial crisis, which has left many companies stretched thin, maintaining a productive workforce is a priority for organizations.”

Nearly half (45%) of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current employment situation, up from 40% in 2011. Additionally, 43% of participants say wellness programs have led them to miss fewer days of work, up 8% from 2011. Despite the apparent benefits, about a third (34%) of workers still do not participate in any of the wellness programs offered by their employers.

Participants also cited an increase in the following employer incentives:

17%, up from 9% the previous year, say their employer offers contributions into a health savings account or health reimbursement account.

Read more here: http://ebn.benefitnews.com/news/workers-seeing-success-with-wellness-programs-2730607-1.html