Is Fasting One Day a Week Good for Your Health? by Dr. Ben Kim


Is fasting one day a week good for your health? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what happens in your body when you begin to eat and drink nothing but water.

After your cells use up the sugar that is in your bloodstream from your last meal or beverage, your body has to find another source of energy for your cells. And the first places that it turns to are your liver and your muscles. Both your liver and your muscles store sugar in the form of glycogen, and when needed, glycogen can be broken down to glucose, which all of your cells can use to produce energy for their ongoing activities.

During a water-only fast, your glycogen stores are depleted within about 24 hours, give or take a few hours. After your glycogen stores are used up, most of your cells begin burning fatty acids for energy – these fatty acids come from your fat reserves, including fatty tissue that surrounds your organs.

Two groups of cells – your red blood cells and your brain cells – cannot use fatty acids to fuel their energy needs. Your red blood cells and brain require glucose, and once glycogen/glucose from your muscles and liver are used up, your brain and your red blood cells get their glucose from two sources:

From glycerol, which is a component of your fat tissues.

From your muscles – some of your muscle tissues get broken down, and the amino acids from your muscle tissues are used to produce glucose for your brain and red blood cells.

Clearly, it’s not in your best interest to rapidly eat up your muscles to meet the energy requirements of your brain and red blood cells during a water-only fast. Your body knows this, and somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd day of water-only fasting, your liver begins churning out ketones, which during a water-only fast, come primarily from the breakdown of fatty acids from your fat reserves.

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4 Easy Diet Tips to Improve Your Digestion and Manage Your Weight by Premal Patel


You’re tired of hearing about all the different diets, what you can and can’t eat, and how quickly you should be losing weight. You know there’s no miracle weight loss trick. You have a million things on your plate, and the last thing you have time to worry about is making a chore out of your meals.

But you want to feel healthy and energetic. You’re exercising and trying to “eat right”, and you want that to be enough. Your body should be your teammate in this game, not your nemesis. You are doing your best to be kind to your body and nourish it; you expect that in return, it should move towards a more balanced state, including a more healthy weight.

Ayurveda has 4 tips for you…straightforward to incorporate and bound to make a difference. They hit at the core of your metabolism, helping to remove the toxic build-up that clogs channels and reset your digestive capacity.

Here they are:

Drink hot water. Hot water both kindles your digestion and flushes toxins out of the system. Just keep your hot thermos or mug near-by, and sip throughout the day. You will notice a difference within only a few days…your digestion will improve, and your tissues will thank you for it. This isn’t the same as a hot coffee or hot tea. It may take a little getting used to, but plain hot water will become a soothing favorite to carry around with you, at home and at work. In addition to the hot water, be sure to drink plenty of room temperature water to stay well hydrated. Iced and cold water do the opposite of what you want, destroying your body’s natural digestive ability.

Make lunch your biggest meal. Ayurveda teaches that the body’s rhythms align with the natural rhythms. When the sun (nature’s fire) is at it’s peak, so is your digestive fire. Take advantage of this and make lunch your full meal. For breakfast, have something light and warm. And do the same for dinner, or skip dinner on the nights that you aren’t hungry.

Avoid snacks. Your digestion works at its peak when it has sufficient time to actually digest everything that you put in, which happens in phases. If you keep throwing things in at random times, even if they are healthy snacks like fruits and veggies, you get two problems according to Ayurveda. First, the bulk of food that was eaten with your last meal doesn’t get the time that it needs to be fully digested before your enzymes start all over again with the new food, and you end up building toxins. And secondly, your body relies on the snacks as a source of fuel and energy, and so it doesn’t go to your body’s reserves (the accumulated fat cells) for fuel to burn.

Detox. Because of the world we live in, it is inevitable that you end up with exposure to some toxins, and they build up in your system. Healthy bowel movements are one of the main ways that toxins get flushed from your system. Hydration and leafy greens are key here. Herbal supplements like Triphala provide both rejuvenation for your system and support for healthy bowel movements.

A healthy movement is a critical part of well-being for any age, starting from childhood through the aging years.

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