I’ve had the chance to talk with a lot of people during this science fair project. Folks are starting to notice my weight loss – I guess it’s showing up in my face (one person thinks my behind is shrinking, but I don’t see it…really, I can’t see my rear end).

I’m noticing a common response in these conversations:

* “I can’t lose weight.”
* “I can’t exercise.”
* “I can’t watch what I eat.”
* “I can’t do portion control. I like food too much.”

i can’t.

And that’s the result I got for a long time.

I can’t does not lose weight.
I can’t does not exercise.
I can’t will not make healthy food choices or exercise portion control.

I can’t…can’t.

But like millions of others, I want to focus on what I CAN do. This journey has not been as hard as I thought.

I CAN lose weight. I’m doing it.
I CAN exercise again. I’m doing it.
I CAN make healthy food choices and enjoy it!
I CAN do portion control. I found tools that help with this.

This is no “Jedi mind trick”. No, it is a mindset that I need to keep. I don’t plan to turn back. I like what I see and how I feel. I have choices every day – to be positive or to be negative, to eat like there’s no tomorrow or eat so I can be around tomorrow.

This works…when I work it.